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Development of cashmere yarn manufacturers in clothing industry

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Development of cashmere yarn manufacturers in clothing industry

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Cashmere yarn manufacturers have various products and different performance. It can be a pure spun made of natural fiber or a variety of chemical short fibers. It can also be a blended yarn made of several kinds of fibers. It can also be a filament yarn made by direct spray of chemical fiber. Usually, it can be classified according to yarn raw materials, yarn thickness, spinning method, spinning system, yarn structure and yarn usage.

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Because of the structural reasons of the fabric, the weft shrinkage of the fabric is larger than that of the fabric. In addition to the dyeing and finishing process, the enlargement of the mercerization should be strengthened. After durable finishing, it can further reflect the style characteristics of bast fabrics. There are three kinds of bleaching, coloured and printing in the yarn. Bleached and variegated yarn can be used as shirts for men, women and children, and for both shirts. Printed linen is a summer coat for women and children or for dress and skirt.

The manufacturer of cashmere yarn is a manufacturer with ten years' experience in production and sales. No matter what kind of cool blended yarn you are, you will face you with the most sincere attitude. And a large number of inventory and cooperative logistics companies, so that your goods can arrive safely and safely in your hands.

Yarn density is one of the commonly used indexes to describe the thickness of yarn. The legal unit is tex, that is, the fixed weight (g) of km (or monofilament) per kilometer (or monofilament). Yarn linear density determines the variety, use, style and physical and mechanical properties of fabrics. The yarn density test of cashmere yarn manufacturers should determine the length and quality of the sample, of which the length measurement is based on the frame length meter, the quality measurement with the equal arm balance or the electronic balance.

The garment industry has a good momentum of development, thus driving the development of cashmere yarn manufacturers. At present, with the rise of animal protectionism and the lack of natural animal resources in the world, more and more garments have been replaced by the fabric of long wool fabric.

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