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The manufacturer introduces how to clean the oil stains on the cashmere sweater

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The manufacturer introduces how to clean the oil stains on the cashmere sweater

Release date:2018-04-21 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The tactile aesthetic feeling of a cashmere sweater is usually referred to as the feel of the fabric. It is defined as a synthetic reaction, such as soft, strong, thick, hard, rough, hard, hard, smooth, tough, tough, cool, and warm when the fabric is touched, squeezed, frictional or in any way.


The yarn structure of cashmere sweater is affected by twist in fabric tactile. The woolen fabric made up of high twist yarns has higher bending stiffness, smaller compressibility, smaller fiber mobility, lower surface friction, smaller fluffy and smaller contact area.

Cashmere sweaters like everyone, but it's a headache to accidentally get some dirt. Now we will introduce the method to ensure that "dirt goes without a trace and sweaters are cleaner."

First, when stains fall to the top, they should be cleaned immediately. Here, we will introduce the cleaning method to you.

1. stains of fruit juice, soak a dry towel in hot water, wring dry and cover the cashmere sweater to dry the stains left by the juice.

2. stains of coffee and tea, dry with a dry towel on cashmere sweater.

3. oily stains, oily stains. After leaving the stain, it should be explained that when wiping, the other hand should be covered with a dry towel under the cashmere sweater. If you use detergent, wipe the detergent with a wet towel and dry it with a dry towel.

When cashmere products are stored in season, they must be washed, ironed, dried and preserved. This can reduce the condition and scope of mold moth and kill insects and sterilize them. When cashmere products are stored, pack and pack well. It is not suitable to hang up so as to avoid draping deformation and avoid mixing with other articles in the same bag to prevent fading. Cashmere products stored contain a lot of natural protein, so we should pay attention to shading. It should be often ventilated, shady, dusty, wet and not exposed to sunlight.

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