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The thin cashmere of the factory of resistance to treasure is most of the worsted cashmere

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The thin cashmere of the factory of resistance to treasure is most of the worsted cashmere

Release date:2018-04-14 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere factory cashmere itself is a thick and thick villi that goat grows in goat's root during cold winter. The more cold the weather is, the more fine the velvet will be, and the longer the fiber will grow. Therefore, cashmere sweater made of cashmere fiber has strong thermal insulation.


Strong hygroscopicity and comfortable wearing. The moisture absorption ability of cashmere is the strongest in all fibers, and the moisture regain is about 15%. The cashmere sweater is able to automatically absorb moisture under the conditions of changeable outside temperature, and it has a good function of perspiration, and it can automatically adjust the physiological temperature of skin automatically with the skin of the body.

Because thin cashmere is mostly worsted cashmere, these fabrics are the finishing products in cashmere sweater, and worsted cashmere not only requires high raw materials, but also has special technology. The higher the number of yarn is, the better the yarn quality of worsted cashmere is. Worsted cashmere has higher requirement for the quality of the original fabric. Only the top cashmere fiber can produce cashmere products with thin cicada. Weave high number of cashmere yarns, mostly from February to April the next year of the next year in high and cold area of the goat's shoulder and body side of the cashmere, the average fineness below 14.5um, the length of more than 36mm, extremely precious.

Worsted cashmere yarn has unique style, but its manufacturing rate is relatively low, which restricts the development of this product. The following measures can be made to improve the production rate and achieve certain effects: reasonable selection of process flow and process parameters, increasing the addition of spinning auxiliaries, ensuring the temperature and humidity of the production environment, reducing the production of static electricity, and increasing the spinnability, according to the density of fine yarns, the number of double twisting and the quality requirements of the users, the reasonable determination of the combing is made. The content index of the short velvet below 20~, strengthening the metering control of the intermediate process consumption, the road gatekeepers, reducing the percentage of intangible consumption, and handling the hairs in the air box in time.

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