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The manufacturer introduces the difference between the cashmere yarn and the blended yarn

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The manufacturer introduces the difference between the cashmere yarn and the blended yarn

Release date:2018-04-07 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere yarn manufacturers introduced cashmere goats in Northwest China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan and other high temperature and sunshine wasteland area. Because of the bad condition, the number of cashmere goats is limited.

cashmere yarn

A cashmere goat has a yearly yield of no fluff (after removing impurities), only 50 grams -80 grams. A popular cashmere sweater needs 5 goat's cashmere. The annual output of cashmere in the whole country is extremely limited, which is only ten thousand tons. Because of its high quality and bizarre, it is expensive. In the business in Europe and the United States ", known as the" diamond fiber ", the Japanese called" soft gold". Now the average price of the raw silk market is about 75-80 yuan / ton. The yarn is about 850 yuan -1050 yuan / kg, that is to say, 0.85-1.05 yuan / gram.

There are many kinds of cashmere sweaters, such as pure cashmere and blending, combing and carding, monochrome and jacquard, and so on, from fiber content, appearance style and color pattern. It is best to choose brand products produced by brand enterprises. In general, the price of pure wool is higher than that of blending, the combing is higher than that of the coarse comb, the jacquard is higher than the monochrome price. In the case of the same cashmere content, the weight is heavier than the light weight.

What is the difference between cashmere yarn and blended yarn

1, from the warmth and smoothness, pure cashmere yarn and blended yarn are worse.

2, from strength and abrasion resistance, pure cashmere yarn is worse and easier to pilling and blended yarn.

3, from the price, pure cashmere yarn must be very high (divided into worsted, semi worsted and worsted). Generally, the price is different according to the different branches and processing methods, the average 26 branches are 900 thousand / ton, the half worsted 48 branches and the 1 million 100 thousand / tons, the worsted 68 more than 1 million 200 thousand / tons; the blended yarn is to see the proportion of the cashmere. The higher and lower, the higher and more expensive, otherwise the opposite.

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