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The common sense of cashmere resistant to Baoshan cashmere manufacturers

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The common sense of cashmere resistant to Baoshan cashmere manufacturers

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Cashmere manufacturers introduce cashmere from goats. The villi produced by cashmere goats are the best. Each year, the villi produced by cashmere goats are the best. In the spring, the goats are depilatory, and the villi captured from the body of the goats are called the cashmere. 


After washing, the original velvet is combed to remove the coarse wool from the original pile, and then the cashmere obtained after dead hair and dandruff is called no wool. Cashmere has three colors: white, green and purple, and White Velvet is the most valuable.

No sheep cashmere, sheep's wool what nature does not exist. In fact, sheep produce wool, it produces large, large quantities, the fineness of the wool in 20-40 microns, the length of 50-200 millimeters, worsted, worsted and woven products, such as overcoats, uniforms, blankets, hair flowers, Mao Bi, woolen sweaters and so on.

Cashmere is a fine chorio grown on a goat. This goat is called cashmere goat with good warmth and hygroscopicity. The diameter of the villi is 14-17 microns and the length is 30-45 mm. The fiber of cashmere is composed of the cortical layer and the scale layer, the transverse section of the fiber is elliptical, and a goat has no wool about 75 grams a year. That is to say, the cashmere produced by five goats can be woven into an ordinary cashmere sweater a year. Cashmere products are mainly cashmere sweater, cashmere pants, cashmere skirt, cashmere scarf and so on. Viewed from outside, it has natural luster, soft and soft handle, soft, light, warm, slippery and elastic. So cashmere has "fiber jewel" and "soft gold".

The cashmere is the velvet of the lamb, and cashmere is the velvet on the goat. In all the cashmere, the cashmere is the most expensive, and the second is the lamb cashmere. The general cashmere in the market is not 100% cashmere, and it is expensive. The raw material of the cashmere line is more than 300 yuan a Jin. At least five hundred yuan a jin of the goat suede line is made.

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