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The manufacturer tells you that the cashmere sweater will be chromatic aberration under the lights.

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The manufacturer tells you that the cashmere sweater will be chromatic aberration under the lights.

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The products of the cashmere sweater have greater flexibility, because the cashmere knit knitwear is woven by the coils, so the arrangement of the coils in the fabric will be larger. When the force is extended by the external force, the length of the fabric is extended, and the fabric will be restored to its original state when the external force is lifted.

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The scalability of cashmere knitted fabric can adapt to the stretching and bending changes of all parts of the body, keep the original shape and wear the body. Especially the rib cashmere knitwear has greater flexibility. It is commonly used at necklines and stockings and so on. It is easy to wear and no fabric deformation and aliasing. Natural light contains seven kinds of shade, red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and violet. General electric light, with only more red and yellow light, red and yellow two colors more vivid, and green color is dim. The choice of cashmere sweater under the light often causes people's illusions, often appearing in the color of mind.

It is not suitable for the selection of cashmere sweaters in the light.

Cashmere sweater has good elasticity, but if excessive stretching, relaxation will become difficult to restore.

When you wear cashmere sweater, do not pull it hard. After wearing it for a period of time, let it have a rest time to eliminate "fatigue", so as to maintain its original elasticity.

Cashmere sweater should not be worn next to the skin, because the oil perspiration can be adsorbed on the cashmere sweater, cause moth and mildew. When it is first worn, it is easy to start pellets on cashmere sweater, wear it for a long time, and it will wear away. Don't pull the ball away, or the wool fiber will be pulled out.

It is not suitable for hand twisting. It can not be hung. Jacquard or multicolor cashmere sweater should not be soaked. Cashmere sweater with different colors should not be washed together to avoid dyeing.

Attention: before cleaning, air dry, collect and pack into bags. We must pack several layers of paper put mothproof agent, do not directly touch the cashmere sweater, to prevent fading or deterioration.

Cashmere processing enterprises profit situation is not ideal, bank credit financing environment is not loose, businesses can not borrow money, so it also slowed down the progress of the purchase. In the past, cashmere prices often had a large concussion. At present, the overall demand for cashmere industry is sluggish, and sales and sales are two, which will make cashmere prices fall sharply.

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