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The composition of cashmere fiber from the factory of resistance to treasure

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The composition of cashmere fiber from the factory of resistance to treasure

Release date:2018-03-24 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere manufacturer introduced many of us have used cashmere products, and cashmere products easy to pilling. It has been a headache for producers and consumers. After a period of wearing of cashmere products, there will be some hair balls on the surface of the fabric, which will seriously affect the appearance of the clothing. Consumers don't understand why such an expensive product will still have such a problem.


Familiar with cashmere knows the skin, any fiber than the natural animal fiber of cashmere, cashmere is most suitable for the kind of soft creamy skin wear, like water like touch, only to get close to the skin of worsted cashmere is particularly suitable for spring and summer with the thin clothes.

Cashmere is soft, refreshing and smooth, when the experience of weaving, knitting cardigan thin soft T-shirt, just like spring breeze, summer water, will eventually become obsessed with not to put it down.

The cashmere fiber is composed of flake and cortex scales has a certain height and thickness, some edge sawtooth shaped like barbs, easily in the process of wearing fiber collusion and stick around, produce pilling phenomenon. The length, fineness, crimp of cashmere fiber technology is the important characteristics of the Australian wool and cashmere fineness, compared to small, short length, curl number is less, so the fiber in the yarn holding force is small, exposed more hairiness, plus fiber smooth slip from the fabric under the action of external force arising out of cashmere pilling.

The content of the provisions of cashmere fiber national textile industry standard FZ/T73009-1997: taking into account the existence of cashmere fiber morphological variation and non-human factors mixed with wool, its content should not exceed 5%, namely Zhongshan finished cashmere fiber content of 95% and above, can be regarded as 100% cashmere. For the purity of cashmere which is often asked by consumers, we solemnly promise: the cashmere sweater is pure cashmere sweater, and it can also be called the 100% cashmere sweater.

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