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Do not blindly pursue cheap cashmere yarn manufacturers

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Do not blindly pursue cheap cashmere yarn manufacturers

Release date:2018-03-17 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere yarn, cashmere yarn manufacturers will be divided according to different woollen cashmere yarn spinning process, worsted cashmere yarn and semi worsted cashmere yarn; according to the purpose as the knitting cashmere yarn and woven cashmere yarn; according to the content of cashmere is divided into pure cashmere yarn and blended cashmere yarn, the Zhongshan cashmere content is more than 30% less than 95% for cashmere blended yarn that does not belong to less than 30% of the content of cashmere cashmere yarn.

cashmere yarn

According to the order needs, knitting factories choose cashmere yarns with different numbers (public branches, such as 2/26, 3/68, 2/80, etc.) to produce cashmere sweaters or other cashmere products with different needle types and styles.

Cashmere yarn is directly raw cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater quality directly depends on the quality of cashmere yarn. The proper and uniform strength and twist yarn, and the material (raw cashmere) determines the length and fineness of cashmere yarn quality. Different grades determine different price, so consumers or knitting factory when buying cashmere yarn must start from their own needs careful to distinguish, do not blindly pursue cheap. A cheap cashmere yarn made of cashmere sweater pilling and severe hair loss serious, shorten the service life of the cashmere sweater.

As people's living standards continue to improve, we find that a kind of wool is more warm, and the weight is much lighter than wool. This is the cashmere line. Known as the diamond fiber or soft gold cashmere, due to its excellent physical qualities is a natural animal fiber Queen, the value of it also let ordinary wool and other animal fiber dust!

Perhaps for this reason, the cashmere line has not become the mainstream of market consumption. The price of cashmere yarn is higher than that of ordinary wool, but the appearance of knitted cashmere clothing is very noble, and its thermal insulation is 3 times higher than that of ordinary wool. It is popular among the masses. With the gradual understanding of the cashmere line, more and more people will begin to like cashmere lines in the future.

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