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Most manufacturers understand what you want to wear this color cashmere sweater

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Most manufacturers understand what you want to wear this color cashmere sweater

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Cashmere sweater cashmere sweater factory means the weaving sweaters cashmere, which is generally the people the meaning of identity, but in fact the "cashmere sweaters" has now become synonymous with a type of products, which is used to refer to the "sweater" or "hair knitwear". Knitwear is mainly used to refer to cashmere, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fiber as the main raw material after the yarn woven into the fabric, such as Angora sweater, Xuelan sweater, lamb's wool sweater, acrylic sweater and so on are "sweater" big family.


V cashmere development is very dynamic, it has a variety of colors and patterns, it is a fashionable choice of standard collar shirts or round sweaters. One of the best attributes of V woolen sweater is that it can be used for various occasions and site wear. This sweater can be worn freely, a little formal, and can be worn to meet friends, or to attend a business partner or client.

Can the cashmere sweater be fitted with the body

1, cashmere fiber thin, fiber is easily rubbed after the ball, so cashmere sweater is best to wear as a coat. In the cashmere sweater, in the cashmere sweater, it should be wearing a smooth, soft fabric underwear.

2, the strength of cashmere fiber is low, and the strength of the fiber is poor, so the strength of cashmere yarn is low. Cashmere sweater fastness than wool sweater, avoid contact with hard objects, such as mobile phone, watch strap belt wear.

3, cashmere fiber is easy to absorb moisture, and usually propagate in a dark and humid environment. In the storage of cashmere sweater, should be washed and folded in the box with mothproofer. If you use a plastic bag, you'd better make a few small holes in the bag. In general, a cashmere sweater can be worn for about 5 years.

You can think of the season and what color cardigan is due to your skin color. The cold season (Qiu Dong), you have to stick with the darker colors or pale. Black, navy blue, brown, dark green, in cold months, such sweaters will look good. If you are wearing a sweater and in a warm climate, you may have to deal with bright colors.

And what color of cashmere sweater do you want to wear this spring?

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