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Introduction of the classification of cashmere yarn and the manufacturers origin

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Introduction of the classification of cashmere yarn and the manufacturers origin

Release date:2018-03-07 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

cashmere yarn manufacturer yarn is generally used to make sweaters, that is what we say cashmere sweaters, cashmere can be pure spun, and can be blended into yarn. The price of cashmere yarn is very high. 

cashmere yarn

It is clear that the price of cashmere sweaters on the market is clear. The price of the cashmere sweater is about 700 thousand at the present time. Cashmere yarns are usually made of knitted transversely woven fabrics. The sewing thread has all cotton, full polyester and low price.

According to the production process of cashmere yarn is divided into: woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn. Woolen yarn is coarse, count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32. The semi - worsted yarn is very fine, and the number of the spun yarns is relatively high, from 24 to 60. Hand knitted cashmere knitting line belongs to common slub, cashmere sweater with woolen yarn, and spring thin cashmere fashion, T-shirts and underwear with cashmere worsted cashmere yarn. Semi worsted cashmere yarn is a new product developed in recent years, is being accepted and used in knitting factory test, the effect is also good.

Cashmere yarn mainly through export in Hongkong, cashmere raw material origin in Inner Mongolia Xinjiang area, processing and distribution center in Hebei Qinghe area, but there are many fake, large enterprises have Ordos King Deer Cashmere, lotus and other places, and Zhenbei cashmere yarn, the demand of developed economy, more cold weather. But cashmere yarns are mostly for enterprises. Besides the mention just now, they are very large in Zhejiang Tongxiang area and Jiangsu South of Jiangsu area. If you want to have unclear, you can cause Hebei resistance treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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