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The manufacturers definition of pure cashmere and the comparison of cashmere and wool

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The manufacturers definition of pure cashmere and the comparison of cashmere and wool

Release date:2018-03-03 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere manufacturers usually divide cashmere products into two categories: pure cashmere and cashmere: pure cashmere products contain more than 95% cashmere standards, cashmere products contain more than 30% of the cashmere standard, and those with cashmere volume below 30% can not be cashmere products. All the cashmere is cashmere, and the so-called "sheep cashmere" does not exist. Therefore, in the purchase of cashmere sweaters (skirts), it must be carefully identified. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the content of the cashmere products which hang the cashmere sign of pure cashmere must be above 95%.


The cashmere has the following differences compared with the wool of the wool:

(1) cashmere is shorter than wool.

(2) cashmere is less curved and irregular and irregular, and can not form hairy and hairy clusters like sheep's fine hair and semi fine hair. This is due to the half and half of the positive and pariocortical layers in the structure of cashmere, while 60% of the cortex and 40% of the pariocortical layer.

(3) capillaries of goats are more than sheep. Cashmere is very expensive. The fineness of cashmere in China is 14-15 microns, which is equivalent to the fine wool of 80 yarns, so the cashmere can be spun to extremely thin fabric.

(4) the reaction of cashmere to acid and alkali is more sensitive than wool. Cashmere is more damaged than wool in the same concentration of acid or alkali solution.

(5) the cashmere fiber per unit length is smaller than that of sheep's wool, the scales are longer and the scales are more closely linked. This is the main reason why cashmere has strong luster and soft handle.

(6) the oil sweating of cashmere is lower than that of fine hair and half fine hair. The oil perspiration of fine hair and semi fine wool was 25%-30%, while the sweaty oil of goats was only 3%-4%.

In recent years, with the development speed of cashmere industry in China, benefiting from the continuous improvement of production technology and downstream demand market in cashmere industry, cashmere industry has developed well in domestic and international market. In 2011, China's cashmere industry is facing the new situation, the new into the cashmere industry enterprises continued to increase, if the upstream raw material prices will rise steadily, cashmere market will be how the variables, the industry's leading enterprises will have any new marketing strategy, which is a common concern of cashmere circle problem.

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