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The nursing methods of some cashmere sweaters in the factory

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The nursing methods of some cashmere sweaters in the factory

Release date:2018-02-28 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

The cashmere sweater manufacturers remind you that when you wear cashmere sweater, you will not notice such stains. Then effective cleaning is very important. Next, we will introduce some common methods to deal with stains.

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When the clothes is dirty, please immediately to a clean and strong absorption of dry cloth in the dirty place to absorb dirt has not been absorbed.

Cashmere sweaters are usually lighter in color and are easily moth eaten by dirty, so they should be washed frequently. It is best to use a special sweater detergent. When it is immersed in water (20 -30 C) for a few minutes, it should not be rubbed, then rinse with water for several times, dry up with towel and put it in a cool place. Do not hang or dehydrate with a dry machine so as to ensure that the cashmere sweater does not lose its gloss and keeps its elasticity and non deformation.

How to repair the hole in the knitted cashmere sweater

1. push the stitch into the hole, the sweater inside, and begin to repair along the tight edge. From inside, it helps to close the sweater.

2. needle, and carefully stitched eyelets. If beyond the extension hole of the seam, the vertical part of the hole, first sew the first seam, and then sew the horizontal part. Don't try to sew a hole that is too big for a closed needle.

3. feel how to repair a hole in a sweater, and if you want to modify your sweater, you can mend a flower or the sun.

4. buy color yarn and thread yarn for special stitches.

5. use a long needle from the edge of one hole until the other hole is repaired. The thickness of the yarn can be strengthened in the opposite way. If you look far, make it more like an external circular stitch that appears in a circle.

6. can make petals on the hole and become flower patterns. If you put the sweater in the sun, sew a circle of "rays" to make it shine in the sunlight, and use embroidery needles to make the design look more special.

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