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The manufacturer introduces the maintenance method of cashmere and wool

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The manufacturer introduces the maintenance method of cashmere and wool

Release date:2018-02-10 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere manufacturers introduce the thinner cashmere unit price to be more expensive than thick cashmere. I think most people are not very understanding, because the public mind, in the hand is the most real, with a thick sweater than natural light as a gossamer, thin sweater to ease. Next, naibao cashmere will give us about science, why is the more expensive thin cashmere sweater.


The highest amount of wool used in textile wool, usually called wool. The wool fiber is thicker than the cotton fiber, with a certain curl, and the surface of the fiber is covered with a layer of scales. Due to the existence of scales, it brings a special property to wool, that is, cashmere property. Cashmere property refers to the nature of the wool being rubbed in warm water and washing liquid to bite each other. It is one of the reasons for the shrinkage and density of wool products after washing, which is one of the reasons. If the scales are damaged, the wool products will not contract after finishing. As a result, the machine wash sweaters sold on the market are treated with this surface.

Wool and cashmere maintenance: a dry cleaning, dry cleaning because of good protection of cashmere, fleece and variant is not easy. Hand wash, 30 degrees warm water, put a small amount of washing powder in the water bubbles will not exceed 5 minutes, do not hand rub, and then after the water softener, and then with warm water after 3-5 minutes to dry or dried OK. Do not dry in the sun, do not use the washing machine.

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