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The maintenance and collection of cashmere sweaters

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The maintenance and collection of cashmere sweaters

Release date:2018-02-07 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Cashmere sweater manufacturers, textile woolen sweaters, dyestuffs, natural woolen sweaters and synthetic chemical woolen sweater dyestuffs two categories. Natural wool dyes mainly from natural plant, animal and mineral extracted, can be used widely is various vegetation wool dyes, such as the use of indigo, safflower, shellfish purple sweater dye, can be traced back to the ancient far. The chemical wool dyestuff is a compound centered on the carbon turbulence molecule.

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Cashmere products maintenance: cashmere in the maintenance and collection should pay attention to the following points:

1, to keep clean, wash frequently, prevent moth breeding.

2, seasonal storage, washing, ironing, must be dried to a plastic bag sealed, placed in the wardrobe. Pay attention to light shading in order to prevent color fading. Should be often ventilated, dedusting to wet, can not be exposed to exposure. In the wardrobe, it is necessary to put anti - moldy and moth resistant tablets in the wardrobe so as to prevent the cashmere products from being dampened and mouldy.

3. The lining of the outer garment is smooth when it is worn inside. In the pocket, avoid the hard objects such as the pen, the key bag, the mobile phone and so on, so as to avoid the local friction and pilling. Try to minimize the friction with the hard objects (such as the back of the sofa, the armrest, the desktop) and the hook. In time can not be too long, about 5 days to stop wear or wear the clothes, restore elasticity, to avoid fatigue damage of fiber.

4, if the ball, not strong pull, must use scissors to cut to avoid causing ball, can not be repaired because of off-line.

Textiles are woven fabrics of two systems of warp and latitude. Such as cotton, wool, silk and other fabrics. Because in the weaving process, the two groups of yarns are slightly curved, and the warp and weft yarns are constrained each other, so its elongation and elastic part are restricted, and the air permeability is smaller than that of wool knitwear.

At this point, the cardigan is easily damaged if it is rubbed and wring hard. On the other hand, cellulose molecules which constitute woollen sweater are subjected to some tensile during chemical processing. Woollen sweater is easy to elongate in textile printing and dyeing process, especially in the process of drying. After being launched, the woolen sweater will expand the warp and shrink the length, so the woolen sweater fabric becomes larger than the other fabric.

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