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Introduction of textile technology about cashmere yarn manufacturers

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Introduction of textile technology about cashmere yarn manufacturers

Release date:2018-02-04 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

Introduction of textile technology of cashmere yarn manufacturers:

It is known that the factors that affect the quality of products include six factors: human, machine, material, law, ring and measurement.

Cashmere yarn

The ring spinning process from blowing - Carding - drawing - roving spinning - drum.

The factory has been improved by technology and equipment.

The use of the cleaning system for cotton to ensure that the cotton layer is stable, the cotton net is uniform, and the quality of the product is controlled from the cotton net.

The drawing using Fa306 drawing three and reduce difference coefficient of sliver.

In the back spinning, the self collaterals are used to ensure that the yarn is dry and uniform.

This factory self - Textile self - woven, strict control spinning process flow, ensure product quality reliable.

Long term supply of metal yarn, the standing size is 32S/2, the ingredients are 35% polyester, 35% cotton, 30% metal, 70% acrylic, 30% metal, 80% acrylic, 20% metal, 90% acrylic, 10% metal, 70% polyester, 30% metal, 30% polyester, metal and so on. Also according to the guests needs other spinning product specifications, the basic color is light gray, can be dyed various colors.

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