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Siro spinning - cashmere yarn manufactures more and more exquisite

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Siro spinning - cashmere yarn manufactures more and more exquisite

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Cashmere yarn manufacturers introduced with the development of science and technology and the progress of production, people choose in the clothing materials are more and more, from the previous animal fur to cotton to silk and satin and processing, many kinds of materials for clothing that such as nylon, polyester and so on some chemical materials of fabric.

cashmere yarn

Some fabrics become classics, which are never obsolete. Some of them are scraping and scraping along with the fashion whirlwind, and other fabrics become more and more exquisite with the progress of people's production technology, just like our cashmere yarns.

cashmere yarn

The price of cashmere yarn is higher than that of ordinary wool, but the appearance of knitted cashmere clothing is very noble, and its thermal insulation is 3 times higher than that of ordinary wool. It is popular among the masses. With the gradual understanding of the cashmere line, more and more people will begin to like cashmere lines in the future.

"Count" in short, refers to the fineness of yarn, China current or "imperial": a pound (454 grams) weight of the yarn (yarn or other components), a length of 840 yards (0.9144 yards / meters), yarn fineness is a. If a pound of yarn is 10 * 840 yards in length, the fineness of the yarn is 10, and so on. (exactly as to how many lengths a gram is in weight)

Sirospun is on the spinning machine feeding two spaced-apart roving, by drafting, by the front roller of the two single yarn strand, and by pla/ cotton Sirospun twist and transfer to the single yarn strand with a small amount of twist, after the registration is further twisted into yarn like the part of the wound onto.

The initial design goal of siro spinning is used for wool, is characterized by less hairiness, high strength, good abrasion resistance, can achieve the effect of yarn, single yarn weaving, in order to realize the lightweight fabric of wool. Although Siro textile has been greatly improved in many aspects compared to the same conventional yarns, there is a certain distance to truly achieve the single yarn without sizing and weaving.

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