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How do you do it yourself to maintain the cashmere sweater

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How do you do it yourself to maintain the cashmere sweater

Release date:2018-01-17 Author:Hebei anti - treasure Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. Clicks:

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are constantly updated on the material of clothing. Cashmere is also developed by the cashmere sweater manufacturers. The real pure cashmere sweater is not the thick one that we usually remember, but now the cashmere sweater can be knitted very thin, but there is no need to worry about warmth and breathability. But the attendant problem is maintenance clothes, because this kind of material like expensive clothing we don't know how to handle yourself if it is easy to let the clothes become unable to wear, so now from the city to the township began to appear in these services small dry cleaners, etc.

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The wool sweater is beautiful and comfortable clothes, is one of the essential people in daily life, it is love sweater shrink wool sweater, wearing a long time, it will shorten, harden, loss of elasticity, usually also often encountered sweaters shrunk in the embarrassing situation, the following to introduce wool how to restore the sweater shrink.

The way to solve the sweater's pilling:

1, take a piece of light, like water skiing as gently glide from the sweater, it would get rid of a hair ball.

2, the sea cotton used for washing dishes, it is better to use a new, relatively clean and relatively hard, the convex face to the sweater, only gently slid across the line.

3, you can use transparent adhesive, and it is the kind of wide sticky good. Adhesive tape to stick the ball on the clothes.

4, there is a kind of hair ball pruner on the market, which can effectively remove the surface of clothes. This method is the most common method. Attention should be paid to the placement of sweaters in the process of using. Because the speed of the cutter head of the sweater trimmer is faster, the sweater should be placed on the plane when cleaning the sweater pilling part, and it will be trimmed after wrinkling.

5, use a razor to gently comb the ball on the sweater, and then the sweater is smooth. It should be noted that it is not too hard in the process of scraping, especially the newly bought razor. If the force is too large, it is easy to cut the sweater when removing the pilling part.

The wool sweater shorten hard, can use clean white cloth wrapped it up and put into the steamer steam inside ten minutes, after taking out slightly shake, the fiber fluff, and then carefully pull it into shape and size of the original flat on the back plate or screen, hanging in the air of the place of Yin dry, dry can be recovered.

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