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How do the white cashmere sweaters be cleaned by themselves? Cashmere sweater manufacturer

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How do the white cashmere sweaters be cleaned by themselves? Cashmere sweater manufacturer

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Why does the cardigan of the cashmere manufacturer don't wear the acrylic sweater at the same time? It's easy to start the ball from the acrylic sweater. When the acrylic sweater yarn in the face of external friction, gradually from synthetic fiber yarn or fabric and some floating on the surface, on the surface of the fiber is often floating out of some fibers, forming the surface hairiness, and friction force in continuous wear, surface is entangled with each other to form globules of hairiness. The drop of the ball caused the wear life of the acrylic sweater.

It is not only synthetic fiber, but also natural fibers such as cotton and wool, but their strength is small, and it is not as easy to ball and drop as chemical fiber. Acrylic sweaters and woolen sweaters should not be worn at the same time, and the cardigan is more inappropriate to wear out in the acrylic sweater. Because between the acrylic fiber and the wool fiber, because the friction is easy to produce static electricity, and make the wool ball, causing the wool to fall off. So, inside and outside the sweater fabric clothing, wear cotton goods all the best.

Upstairs said UNIQLO wool products basic one-time I beg to differ. I bought a few pieces of merino wool sweater, limited time offer 99 yuan, every day wear, probably can hold two or three years (annual autumn and winter spring in about four or five months, monthly wash once), non pilling deformation, and finally all paperwork and elbow wear due to perennial holes, on the left at home when the home take.

The basic requirement of cashmere sweaters in China is to smooth and soft on the suede, which is easy to accept by consumers! You see, the cashmere sweaters in China are always very long on the surface, and the handle is good, but the weight of the cashmere sweater is lower than that of the overseas ones. The comfort of the upper body is slightly better than that of the overseas ones, but the biggest trouble is that it is easy to pilling. The foreign cashmere sweater is to avoid the easy start of the ball and sacrifice the feeling of hand. The benefits of this cashmere sweater are long wearing life, and the better it feels.

Finally, the production logistics marketing cost and other factors. UNIQLO flagship basic models, the design of low cost, mass production and procurement warehousing and logistics sales management ability can lower the cost of each link. So I think UNIQLO cashmere sweater in the cost of raw material quality and the design of production logistics, marketing and other aspects of the price (normal price), no value is not deceptive.

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