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Tailor made cashmere sweater manufacturers meet your fashion needs

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Tailor made cashmere sweater manufacturers meet your fashion needs

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Cashmere sweater manufacturer's clothes are mainly because of friction, so the reduction of friction will reduce the ball. The sleeves and the body do not move back and forth directly, and the back as far as possible not to backpack, which will increase the friction of the back, so as to get the ball. The shoulder also tries not to exaggerate the bag, or it will be very obvious.

Through the time should be completely dry and then close up, the clothes are hung in a well ventilated place to dry in the shade, cashmere is a kind of life, natural fibers need to breathe. Needless to say, it is very warm to wear in the winter, the summer can suck the sweat, also can not feel hot, wear very comfortable. But cashmere has the shortcoming of being ball - catching and easily moth - eaten. So it is necessary to fully understand the quality of the cashmere sweater and its characteristics so that it can be used correctly on this basis.

The coloring materials that make the cashmere sweater color effect are the dyestuffs and pigments of cashmere sweaters, and the varieties of their respective colors are very rich. Cashmere dyestuffs are usually colored organic compounds, most of which can be dissolved in water or soluble in water after a certain chemical agent is treated. They can be combined with the physical or physical chemistry of the fibers and dye them on the fiber, making the fiber produce a color with a fixed color fastness. Pigment is a kind of colored material, insoluble in water, can not be dyed to the fiber, but can rely on the adhesive function, mechanically attached to the fiber surface or internal.

Cashmere sweater tailored regardless of the advantages of body height and weight can be produced. If you have any questions, you can consult the experts of Qinghe's anti - treasure, and answer questions for you. First of all, you need to know how to measure the specifications of cashmere sweater. If you think the measurement is troublesome, you can find a most suitable cashmere sweater (cashmere sweater or cotton shirt), and send it to the company's weave knitted garment. The company has a craft master who is responsible for plate making.

Customers can choose according to color, style and volume garment company professional color card. Experts recommend that when customers choose cashmere sweaters to customize their volume, they must choose regular and professional companies to ensure customers' quality, custom-made cashmere sweater's qualification, personality and fashion.

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