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To all kinds of cashmere yarn manufacturers, mostly in skein form

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To all kinds of cashmere yarn manufacturers, mostly in skein form

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Woolen sweaters are senior clothing to wool and cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fiber as the main raw material yarn after weaving. It is light, warm, soft and stretchable, and has good internal quality and practical properties. It has the characteristics of styled chic, color matching, Hikaruzawa Youwa and flower texture. It has the appearance effect and decoration style that other garments can't match.

In the choice of sweaters in yarn quality and thickness of outer (usually have extra thick and rough, coarse and fine, fine, fine variety), the most important thing is to choose a good wool color, because different colors give people the feeling is different, the clothing decorative effect will be different.

To all kinds of cashmere yarn manufacturers, mostly in skein form, can not be directly used in knitting machine knitting processing; while these yarns still exist all kinds of defects and impurities will affect the quality and yield of knitting.

Therefore, the preparation process is to Hank wound into a cylinder form, in order to meet the needs of the production of knitting yarn unwinding; clear yarn surface defects and impurities of the wax wool yarns was soft and smooth; according to wool twisting, and stock in order to improve the fastness of wool fabric yarn and increase the thickness of the process request.

From the perspective of fiber structure, goat hair has similar structure to sheep wool, especially coarse wool in sheep's wool, but there are also differences between cashmere and cashmere. The fineness of the mountain wool is much larger than that of cashmere. The average stalks can reach 48 - 100um, the fineness is large and the length is long, but the length of the length is poor.

The cross section structure of the mountain wool is the same as that of the coarse wool. It is also composed of the lamina, the cortex and the medullary layer. The scales are basically cracked and tile, and the scales are small, the shape is different, the scales are thinner, and they are often closely attached to the hairy dry.

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