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The cashmere sweater has broken holes. How do you repair it?

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The cashmere sweater has broken holes. How do you repair it?

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How to knit cashmere sweater? If the hole is relatively large, the first use of wire pull line, then use the same color to knit sweater line: after repair can pull the warp removed, does not affect the compensation effect, because all coils have hooked together, not off-line.

If it is easy to break a line, just use our usual seamless stitching method. This is plain sweater on if it is on the needle sweater can be in a negative effect to the same darn. When the pull strength should be uniform, so darn will smooth.

Cashmere sweater is too big to make it smaller, available hot water after soaking. The washing machine drying. And then use the dryer drying so far. If there is no drying machine. To apportion drying after drying. Must not be hung up to dry. If you didn't use the three available stereotypes. In accordance with the needs of the board and cut a dress size the shape of it. Both sides with packing tape posted on the board. The clothes ironing (rib plate to be cut. At the point.) as long as the plate cutting good clothes. No matter how big or small. As long as the set of on board a perm.

Cashmere sweater washing sweater against the ball:

1. When washing the sweater in the outside, reduce the friction on the surface of the sweater, and prevent the sweater to take a ball!

Washing the sweater with shampoo can make the sweater soft and natural! You can use a transparent glue ball, the best one is the kind of wide, good stickiness! In addition, can go to the shopping mall or supermarket to buy a lot of hair cutting, pilling sweater and coat with a lint remover, and can be as good as new! However, it is better to buy the kind of battery that can be charged. The general charge of the hair ball pruner is ordinary only forty or fifty yuan, the brand needs a hundred yuan! It can effectively remove all kinds of stubborn balls of wool! It is simple to use and does not damage the fabric! According to the thickness of the sweater, the ball is divided into three grades, high, medium and low. Now the owner of it to eat as long as electricity can make your shirt clothing pilling become a brand new one! With a dust storing box device, which is sanitary and convenient!

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