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Colors and collocation techniques of cashmere sweaters

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Colors and collocation techniques of cashmere sweaters

Release date:2017-12-21 Author: Clicks:

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Cashmere sweaters are common adjacent color matching method, such as dark brown suit and beige sweater, deep blue suit with a blue grey sweater; black suit and grey cashmere sweater; grey suit and white sweater etc.. This harmonic color matching gives people the feeling of deep, stable, implicit and generous, which is especially suitable for the middle-aged and old men.

The other kind of cashmere sweater manufacturer is the contrast color matching method, such as the smoke gray suit with the jujube red sweater, the rice white suit with the rust colored woolen sweater and so on. This sharp contrast color makes people feel a sense of excitement in the psychological, radical and positive, especially suitable for young people.

Because of the normal wear and stain, sweater clothing always has such discoloration or dirty, so what can make woolen sweater clothes become bright at once, such as ivory white. On the basis of the woolen sweater, the combination of bleaching agent and water can also be used, which can also make the clothes of cardigan pick up the beautiful natural charm. Bleaching agent is an efficient cleaning agent. When it comes to whitening fabric, especially cotton, the bleaching process is simple and the result is direct. In addition to white and white woolen sweaters, in the process of bleaching, the cardigan can be whiten from other colors or patterns.

In winter, the weather is getting cold, sweater into the hot season, facing the market, more buyers are facing different market prices, issued more questions with suspected or puzzled, but the seller is also facing the buyers questioned, then, what kind of sweater is a sweater? How many kinds of woolen sweaters are there in the end? Its quality and price? And so on, let me simply analyze the following points, I hope to have some help to both buyers and sellers.

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