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Filament yarn | cashmere yarn manufacturers introduced self twist yarn

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Filament yarn | cashmere yarn manufacturers introduced self twist yarn

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The filament yarn of cashmere yarn manufacturer has good strength and evenness, and can be made into fine yarn. It has poor hygroscopicity, easy to take static electricity and smooth and cool handle.

The filament yarn in the natural fiber is mainly silk. Most of the chemical fibers first make the growing silk, and then change into other forms according to the needs. Filament yarn is made from single filament. Different from the concept of short fiber yarn, it has the features of smooth, uniform, strong luster and high strength. It is used as a medium and high grade clothing line.

Structure: the fiber is highly parallel, closely arranged, the fiber arrangement has a strong regularity, the yarn structure is monotonous, and the twist is generally less.

Physical and mechanical properties: fiber strength utilization coefficient is high, yarn diameter is small, density is large, fluffy is small, yarn mechanical properties are relatively uniform, yarn bending stiffness is large.

Appearance: the fiber is flat, the yarn is shopping and the luster is good.

Touch: feel hard, smooth, and waxy sense (of chemical fiber), a cold.

Application: filament yarns are used to make a thin, smooth and fine clean, rejoice in the fabric and special fabric.

Because chemical fiber can choose the length, fineness and fiber section shape arbitrarily, it is advisable to use fiber thicker, shorter length chemical fiber and cotton blended fabric to increase the wool sense of yarn surface. The underwear fabric should choose fiber with slightly fiber and long length to make cotton fiber in the outer layer of yarn, so as to improve the moisture absorption and comfort. The free end spinning include air spinning, electrostatic spinning, vortex spinning yarn, because when twisting fibers transfer less than the yarn core and the outer layer, the tight loose, loose structure, fiber straightness, fiber cohesion, yarn strength is low, but the stain resistance and wear resistance good.

Self spun yarn is also called self twisting yarn. It uses the twist roller to produce periodic reverse and false twist on the sliver, and there is a periodic non twist point on the yarn, so the strength is low, and the yarn is usually plied into strands and then woven.

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