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Do not harden | cashmere manufacturers advantages of the latest price

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Do not harden | cashmere manufacturers advantages of the latest price

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Cashmere goat cashmere manufacturer is long in the cortex, the mask in the goat hair root, a thin layer of coarse fine cashmere, cold winter long, resist cold, spring warming after the natural shedding, adapt to climate. Cashmere cashmere (Cashmere), also known as the most premature Kashmir since Himalaya Range and the surrounding area.

The goat's velvet is thin and soft, light and warm. It is known as the jewel in the fiber. It is incomparable with any natural or artificial fiber, and has high economic value. The traditional cashmere production is mainly in the inland countries of Asia. China has the largest number of cashmere goats in the world, the highest yield of cashmere fiber and the best quality of cashmere.

Hygroscopic and dry, warm in winter and cool in summer: the body will remove a lot of moisture during sleep, the unique molecular structure of cashmere can be sucked into the hollow structure of water vapor, cashmere can absorb more than 35% of its weight of water vapor and moist, and quickly ruled out, so you can keep warm in cold and dry, can also cool the hot when.

Fluffy, soft and no knot: cashmere has at least 40% natural elasticity. After cashmere is pressed, it can restore more than 90% of its original thickness, so that it keeps fluffy, soft and not hardened.

Ma Haimao is a high-grade raw material for wool products. It is mainly used in some high gloss woolen fabrics and knitted wool fabrics such as plush, fleece coats, jacquard blankets, etc. Coarse needle hand woven mohair sweater, decorated with soft silky mist like fiber, constitute a noble, lively and bold style, loved by the people. Some people sell puffy acrylic puffed yarn called "Ma Haimao", which is misunderstood. The acrylic puffed yarn can only be called "Ma Haimao like".

Cashmere price is 5~6 times the price of wool, is 12~14 times the price of cotton, weaving a sweater to go through sorting, cleaning, carding, spinning, weaving, variegated, felting, ironing etc. the 129 processes are more complex than other wool, cotton products, coupled with complex process the more expensive.

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