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Manufacturer needs skills to repair cashmere cashmere cashmere sweaters

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Manufacturer needs skills to repair cashmere cashmere cashmere sweaters

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Cashmere knitting yarn is mainly used for knitting, including woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn. Cashmere sweater manufacturers are used for 7, 9, 12, 14, and 16 knit knit knits. Cashmere knitting line is mainly used for hand knitted woolen yarn, mainly, have spun yarn and semi worsted yarn strands plied into different production equipment and technology and cashmere knitting yarn.

It takes a lot of skill to repair caves in cashmere sweaters to match the original knitting needles. Because of the difference in shape and expand the darn hole edge, which reinforces the field around the hole of any film. If it is a crochet needle that can be seen in a sweater, these can be repaired with a crochet needle. If the sweater is more closely woven body, can weave a patch in the hole on the yarn.

In the knitting process, some regular dimensions and simple calculation methods can be used for reference.

1. the width of the sleeve width is 3 centimeters to 3.5 centimeters less than that of the shoulder, and the sleeve width of children's wear is 1.5 centimeters to 2 centimeters less than that of the shoulder.

2. the cuff width of the general male shirt is 21 cm to 24 centimeters, and the cuff width of the sweater is 17 cm to 21 centimeters.

3. when the sleeves are woven, if the needle is added, it should be fast and slow, if the needle is reduced, then it is slow and fast.

The height of the sleeves of 4. adults is generally 12 cm to 14 centimeters.

The number of 5. sleeve needle collection lines is close to the number of needle collecting lines for the front and back pieces of the shoulder.

6. is easy to braiding, and the general rear neckline can not be considered.

7. after the neckline wide usually shoulder 1/3.

The wool fiber is thin and soft, if it is not easily damaged. It is better to be smooth, not too rough, and not to be hard in the bag, so as to avoid local friction. When worn out, try to reduce the friction with hard things (such as the sleeves and the tabletop, the armrest of the sofa, the long friction of the back and the sofa) and the hard pull hook. Wear time should not be too long, 10 days or so attention to intermittent, to restore the resilience. Can the sweater wear the cardigan to match what is good? What's nice in the cardigan? Suits and cardigan, should pay attention to the collocation of the color, the color of the suit is the main body, the color of the woolen sweater plays the role of baking and lining.

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