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Wool density must be moderate | cashmere manufacturers speak collocation

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Wool density must be moderate | cashmere manufacturers speak collocation

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The size of the warp and weft density of the cashmere sweater textile is closely related to the quality of the fabric. In general, the fabric density is close fast, small density is thin and soft. But the sweater density is not bigger is better, must be moderate, if more than a reasonable density of fabrics, made of wool sweater is easy in folding, every edge of fracture permeability and worn, Chen staining is relatively poor, seven dye impermeable, when wearing will appear "wear white" phenomenon.

The wool sweater wholesale network shown in knitted sweaters with flowers on the lotus leaf tissue and empty edge, add more delicate female temperament, combined with the withdrawal sleeve design, formed a very classical style.

The flower tissue is formed by the mutual displacement of the adjacent coils, and its unique texture effect has been loved by the designer. The same direction displacement can produce the effect of twisting and twisting in different directions, according to the different methods. The effect is varied, and it is rich and interesting. The flower tissue is often used in clothes, sleeves and other parts. The contiguous coils of the stranded tissue are set as anti needles, and the stereoscopic sense of the winch will be stronger and the pattern is clearer.

In the early spring, it was a good choice to wear a patterned woolen vest over an ordinary cotton T-shirt. T-shirts can be round or have a T-shirt with a collar. The sweater vest added to cool T-shirt outside, then collocation a pair of jeans, denim trousers, combat trousers or knee breeches. Then with a sports shoe or a cool deer leather shoe and a baseball cap, the whole looks like a hot tide.

In order to overcome the shortcoming of the woolen sweater, in recent years, a chemical called synthetic resin has been used to deal with the fabric. After treated with synthetic resin, some hooks are hung between cellulose molecules, which are protected by resins. This can reduce the hygroscopicity and swelling degree of fibers. The shrinkage is reduced and the elasticity and strength are increased accordingly.

In order to distinguish synthetic resin after treatment and untreated wool fabric, are labeled in the name of each cloth. All after the synthetic resin treated, after the name of the name added a "fat" word.

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