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Hebei Qinghe cashmere sweater factory | cashmere sweater wholesale naibao

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Hebei Qinghe cashmere sweater factory | cashmere sweater wholesale naibao

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Cashmere sweater

The physical properties of woolen wool include fineness, length, bending, strength, elasticity, felting, hygroscopicity, color and luster. Fineness is important to determine the technological characteristics of wool fiber quality and value, represented by fiber diameter micrometer or quality number; the smaller the particle size, number higher, spun yarn is fine.

The length includes the length of the natural length and the length of the straightening. The former refers to the linear distance between the two ends of the hairs, and the latter is the length measured by the straightening of the fibers. The elongation of fine hair is above 20%, and the semi fine hair is about 10~20%. In the case of the same fineness, the longer the wool, the higher the spinning performance and the better the quality of the finished product. Bending is widely used as the basis for valuation of wool quality, bending shape uniformity of the wool, spun yarn and products feel soft, elastic and warm and good.

Cashmere sweater factory cashmere has the following different points than wool:

(1) capillaries of goats are more than sheep. Cashmere is very expensive. The fineness of cashmere in China is 14-15 microns, which is equivalent to the fine wool of 80 yarns, so the cashmere can be spun to extremely thin fabric.

(2) cashmere is less curved and irregular and irregular, and can not form hairy and hairy clusters like sheep's fine hair and semi fine hair. This is due to the half and half of the positive and pariocortical layers in the structure of cashmere, while 60% of the cortex and 40% of the pariocortical layer.


(4) cashmere is shorter than wool.

(5) the oil sweating of cashmere is lower than that of fine hair and half fine hair. The oil perspiration of fine hair and semi fine wool was 25%-30%, while the sweaty oil of goats was only 3%-4%.

(6) the reaction of cashmere to acid and alkali is more sensitive than wool. Cashmere is more damaged than wool in the same concentration of acid or alkali solution.

The amount of sand contained in the wool and its composition and properties are closely related to the soil and environment in the grazing area. Such as the production of wool sand content in Northwest China, and calcium and magnesium compounds in sand more, and raised in the alkaline soil area is high alkali content of wool. The wool with more lanolin often adhered more impurities, at most, the content of sand can be more than 50% of the total dirt.

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