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Different grades determine the different price of cashmere yarn manufacturers

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Different grades determine the different price of cashmere yarn manufacturers

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Cashmere yarn is the direct raw material of cashmere sweater. The quality of cashmere sweater depends directly on the quality of cashmere yarn. The proper strength and twist, as well as the length and fineness of the material (cashmere material) determine the quality of the cashmere yarn.

Cashmere yarn manufacturers decide different prices at different grades, so consumers or knitting factories must start from their needs when they buy cashmere yarns, carefully distinguish them, and do not blindly pursue cheap prices. The cashmere sweater made of low quality and cheap cashmere yarn will have serious pilling and hair loss, which seriously shortens the life of cashmere sweaters. Careful calculation, instead of spending money to buy these cheap cashmere sweater really is better to spend a little more money to buy the genuine goods at a fair price of cashmere, good quality cashmere sweater if proper care can be worn for 10 years! It comes to the conclusion that the choice of cashmere yarn is very important.

Most knitting is two ply yarn twisted worsted knitting yarn, single strand fineness in 20 branch (50 Tex) above, slub knitting yarn single strand in the 12---21 branch (83----48 Tex), has reached as high as 36 branch (28 Tex), the general number of single worsted yarn special number.

The number of single yarns is a fine yarn or knitted velvet with two bit integers, and the number of branches represents the number of its support, such as the number of the 18/4 (56 texX4) finer lines is 18. The number of single yarn is represented by one integer and one decimal. The number of its yarns will be decimated, such as 8 /4 (125 texX4) and 7.5 public /4 (133 texX4) coarse yarn. Its number is 80 and 75 respectively.

A wide range of uses, almost all types of textiles are used in it, such as yarn lining, beautiful silk, flags, streamers, tire cord; short fiber for imitation of cotton, wool, blended and interwoven. Polyester (Crisp wrinkle): high strength, good impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to borers, acid is not alkali resistant, excellent photostability (after acrylic), exposure to 1000 hours, the strength retention of 60-70%, moisture absorption is poor, dyeing difficulties, fabric easy washing drying, good shape retention.

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