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The main reasons for the luster and softness of cashmere in cashmere factory are introduced

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The main reasons for the luster and softness of cashmere in cashmere factory are introduced

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Acrylic fiber is like wool, so it is called "synthetic wool". Acrylic fiber is very unique in internal macro structure. It has irregular spiral conformation, and there is no strict crystalline region, but it has high order and low order arrangement. Good thermal elasticity (Machinable bulky yarn), acrylic fiber density is small, smaller than wool, fabric with good warmth retention. Acrylic fiber: sun resistance and climate resistance are very good (the first place), poor hygroscopicity, dyed difficult.

Pure acrylonitrile fiber, because of its tight internal structure and poor wearability, improves its performance by adding second and third monomers. The second monomer is improved: elasticity and touch, and third monomer improves dyeability. Use: mainly for civilian use, pure spinning can be blended, made of wool, wool, blanket, a variety of sportswear is also available: artificial fur, plush, yarn, hose, Parasol Cloth etc.. Cashmere has the following differences compared with the wool of the wool:

(1) capillaries of goats are more than sheep. Cashmere is very expensive. The fineness of cashmere in China is 14-15 microns, which is equivalent to the fine wool of 80 yarns, so the cashmere can be spun to extremely thin fabric.

(2) cashmere is less curved and irregular and irregular, and can not form hairy and hairy clusters like sheep's fine hair and semi fine hair. This is due to the half and half of the positive and pariocortical layers in the structure of cashmere, while 60% of the cortex and 40% of the pariocortical layer.

(3) the cashmere fiber per unit length is smaller than that of sheep's wool, the scales are longer and the scales are more closely linked. This is the main reason why cashmere manufacturers are strong in luster and soft and lubricate.

The electrical resistance and electrical conductivity of cashmere fibers are poor. When the clothes are wearing, the fibers rub each other, causing the charge to gather in the fibers, resulting in electrostatic phenomena. The fibers with high dielectric constant are positively charged, otherwise negative. For example, chemical fiber and cashmere friction, chemical fiber with negative charge, cashmere fiber with positive charge. The fibers with different charges attract each other, and they are easily made into fabric to drop off the ball. This phenomenon is particularly serious when the weather is dry.

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