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Cashmere yarn from spot supply, quality assurance of anti - treasure factory

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Cashmere yarn from spot supply, quality assurance of anti - treasure factory

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manufacturers with cashmere and wool as raw material, after carding, spinning, winding, doubling and twisting (also need to link worsted yarn made of strips), called cashmere yarn. According to the production process of cashmere yarn is divided into: woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn, slub yarn is coarse, count is relatively low, generally from 14 to 32 teams of semi worsted yarn is relatively small, the number is relatively high, generally from 48 to 100, more than more soft soft touch worsted.

The yarns of the worsted yarn are fine, and the number of the spun yarns is relatively high, from 48 to 150. We used the hand knitted cashmere knitting line belongs to common slub, cashmere sweater with woolen yarn, and spring thin cashmere fashion, T-shirts and underwear with cashmere worsted cashmere yarn. The semi - worsted cashmere yarn is a new product developed in recent years. It is being accepted and tried by the knitting factory, and the effect is good.

It is understood that foreign orders for processing the profit is very thin but the product quality requirements are very demanding, and long-term OEM production, rely on foreign orders to eke out it is very difficult for the enterprises to participate in the independent brand sales for the fierce competition in the lead, in recent years the domestic cashmere products production enterprises received foreign orders greatly reduced.

To reduce international orders, raw cashmere processing enterprises have become more cautious in the purchase, because of the cashmere raw material inventory are relatively abundant, the past is sold to raise the price of cashmere rush in the harvest for the implementation of foreign orders and money acquisition of enterprises will not occur again. If you are not careful to rub your dirty stuff, be sure to clean it immediately, so as not to leave a trace.

The longer the same stain is, the harder it is to be washed away. And for a long time, stains penetrate into wool fibers. When they are clean, they will be rubbed hard, which is more likely to cause clothing damage.

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