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Do you know that the cashmere manufactures of cashmere manufacturers do not shrink

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Do you know that the cashmere manufactures of cashmere manufacturers do not shrink

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The history of human cashmere use is much earlier than the use of wool. In the primitive society period of iron has not yet appeared, people use the goats naturally fall off and spun by hand with cashmere, but to take the wool from the sheep is used only in size after the invention of scissors. In eighteenth Century, the British used cashmere to make a special "court dress", with a very noble appearance. China in the early Tang Dynasty, goat and thin and soft "hair" (cashmere) woven cashmere fabric called "Velvet Brown, light and warm, loved by the people. In the Ming Dynasty, the "heavenly workers" in the book also described the method of producing cashmere cloth: "plucking down" with the finger, and then "knitting wool Brown".

This year, the price of cashmere cashmere processing enterprises by domestic and international cashmere products unsalable, the slow return of funds, and cashmere production efficiency decline will enter a new pile a large number of listed four or five months, although the new cashmere price has no final conclusion, but the signal has prices very obvious. According to the latest supply and demand report, the global cashmere is oversupply over the past year, and the end of term inventory continues to create a new high. At present, more than 60% of the cashmere products produced in China are sold abroad. Many domestic cashmere enterprises export at a low price and sell at a low price, coupled with the economic downturn in developed countries and foreign businesses, which leads to the fall of cashmere prices in the international market.

The pure cashmere products of cashmere manufacturers will not shrink. In the pure cashmere felt did not reach the point will not shrink, felting refers to cashmere sweater Maotou after washing is more and more big, resulting in cashmere are stirred together, before losing elasticity.

Take the inside out and wash it with a weak current. One time to wash 5~6 pieces of clothing, it is not easy to shrink. Pour the warm water below 30 degrees Celsius to the washing machine or the big wash pool, add the neutral detergent of the mark and dissolve into the washing liquid. The sweater turned inside out, full rotation for 2~3 minutes with water flow. Add the clothing softener and soak for a while. It is about 30 seconds of dehydration. After washing, the cardigan is plastic. If it is wet to dry, it is easy to deform. Put on two bamboo poles to prevent deformation. Don't let the cuff hang down when you air the sweater. The best thing is to dry with two bamboo poles. If there is no place, you can hang it on the hanger, just put the sleeves on the shoulders.

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