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Try to avoid dehydration of cashmere sweaters from cashmere sweaters

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Try to avoid dehydration of cashmere sweaters from cashmere sweaters

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Cashmere sweater factory before washing should be easy to loose the cuffs and hem to fold, then buckle jacket, sweater inside out over cleaning. When the machine is washed, the sweater should be put into the laundry bag and then put into the washing machine. When washing, add vinegar to warm water to prevent clothing from getting old.

Cashmere sweaters should be avoided by dehydration as far as possible, and should be limited to thirty to one minute if needed. The wash clothes can be covered with dry towels, and then rolled up together to dry out the excess moisture from the sweater. Dry clothes should be placed in the sun to dry 80% string bag with sleeves, the sun hanging on a bamboo pole to dry. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight, otherwise it will destroy the molecular structure of hair. When the sweater is elongated after washing, the ironing can be used to restore the original shape.

If you see your favorite and expensive woolen sweater and worm hole, your mood will be affected. If you want to save and throw away these bad clothes, you can mend these old woolen sweaters. If you make up a sweater and try to fix it as soon as possible, then you can use the moth box in your sweater's wardrobe in the future.

When the woolen sweater is mended, the thread is purchased correctly when the color is matched.

Curl curl is smaller than the cashmere wool, cashmere fiber crimp number, crimp rate, crimp recovery rate is relatively large, suitable for processing for knitwear of comfortable, soft, good elasticity, wear comfortable and natural, and have good redox properties, especially after washing does not shrink, the type of good. Because of the high natural volume of cashmere, it is closely arranged in spinning and weaving, and its holding capacity is good, so it has good warmth retention, which is 1.5 times to 2 times that of wool. The cortical content of cashmere is higher than that of wool, and the rigidity of cashmere fiber is better than that of wool, that is, cashmere is more soft than wool. The fineness of the cashmere is smaller than that of the wool, and the quality of the product is better than that of the wool.

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