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What kind of cashmere yarn is good in the cashmere factory

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What kind of cashmere yarn is good in the cashmere factory

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The last two figures on the trade mark of the cashmere yarn manufacturer are the yarns of the cashmere. The larger the number of yarns, the thinner the yarn, for example, the 24 line is thinner than the 13. For example, if the number of the trademark is "213", it is the 13 branch of the imported wool, and the "124" is the 24 branch of the domestic wool, and the others are analogous.

Usually we mark the thickness of cashmere yarn when we use the metric symbol, that is, the English letter "NM". The way of single yarn is 24 single yarn -- 24NM. The method of expressing the strands is that 24 lines of two strands (and twisting) are both: 2/24NM, 24 branches and 3 lines (and twisting) both: 3/24NM. When we compare the thickness of cashmere yarn, we first need to see the number of cashmere lines, and then look at several lines and twists. For example, 2/24NM, 3/24NM obviously the latter is thicker than the former.

The core spun yarn is a yarn made of filament yarn and short fiber. It has the advantages of core filament and short fiber. The yarn quality is better than that of single fiber. The common yarn core filament is polyester filament, polyamide filament and spandex, and the short fiber is often used as cotton, polyester / cotton, acrylic fiber and wool. Core spun yarn is currently used as sewing thread, shirt fabric, rotten fabric and elastic fabric. Five according to yarn structure classification 1. single yarn single yarn is only one strand of fiber twisted yarn. It can be spun into pure spun yarn from a raw material, thus forming pure cotton fabric, and it can also be made up of two or more than two kinds of raw materials to form blended yarn, thus forming blended fabric.

The cashmere sweater with computer knitted fabric has better handle and hand feel effect. Generally speaking, there are many different kinds of computer woven flowers, so the handle of cashmere sweater usually made by computer is relatively simple and difficult to knit. Simple and easy to do the cashmere sweater feel better. Computer machine flower weaving characteristics: is a variety of flowers, more flowers.

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