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The twist of cashmere yarn in the factory of resistance to treasure

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The twist of cashmere yarn in the factory of resistance to treasure

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cashmere yarn

A cashmere yarn and its manufacturing method, its production method comprises the following steps: preparation, first drawing, two drawing, roving and yarn, as a change, in the woolen yarn, in the step of adding antistatic coating powder.

The invention provides a manufacturing method of cashmere blended yarn is solved in a cashmere uneven color shift phenomenon of yarn; scutching, carding steps using more carding less, and adding powder antistatic coatings, reduce the damage of cashmere fiber and falling cashmere, cashmere and solve easy winding of cylinder and doffer; add powder antistatic coating in the spinning process, solve produce static electricity caused by Rao roller, roller; increase roving twist, overcome the defects caused sticky, rotten, loose during the spinning process of the cashmere fiber and smooth curl to reduce the number of features.

cashmere yarn

Manufacturers of cashmere yarn yarn twist refers to the yarn with mechanical strength, elasticity, elongation, gloss, feel a certain performance, must change the twisting yarn, by the fiber structure to realize the fact that the use of cotton yarn twisting, cross section between relative angular displacement, so that the original straight parallel fiber and yarn axis inclined to change the yarn structure, thick strips in the twisting process by width gradually shrink, both sides gradually involved in folding yarn center, formed in the twisting triangle, twisting triangle, sliver width and cross section changes from flat ribbon, gradually into a cylindrical yarn.

The twisting is the relative rotation of the two sections of the yarn, when the yarn that is parallel to the yarn axis in the yarn is tilted into a spiral. For short fibers, twisting is mainly to improve the strength of the yarn.

The twisting of the filament can not only improve the strength of the yarn, but also produce some effect. The number of yarn twisting and the combination of twisting and twist in the fabric have a great influence on the appearance and performance of the product.

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