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Cashmere yarn manufacturer pure velvet also has a lot of grades

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Cashmere yarn manufacturer pure velvet also has a lot of grades

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cashmere yarn

The pilling of cashmere products is unavoidable, and good quality cashmere will be much less than that of the cashmere. Knitwear is also related to needles. For example, four pin needles and pineapple needles are less pilling, so as to minimize friction on clothes, for example, when you wear cashmere Jersey, you can wear down coats or a smooth coat to reduce friction.

The general cashmere coats are all blended with cashmere wool. Some hairy coats will add wool in order to make the feeling more delicate. Although cashmere is more or less pilling, but cashmere coat is less worn outside. Generally, it doesn't play ball very seriously. There are special ball picking devices, and dozens of pieces of Taobao can be bought.

cashmere yarn

Cashmere yarn manufacturer pure velvet also has a lot of grade, when the number of cases, even if the gross profit is low, it will be profitable. Generally less than 600 individual small factories is not pure or OEM order, if the factory production costs will be very high. Like clothing, many European and American brands will order in Southeast Asia, and this part is cheaper than the European and American production.

In addition, the cashmere is relatively slippery. Are you sure you buy 100% cashmere abroad? There is also a possibility that foreign brands need to reduce the degree of shrinkage in the manufacturing process, that is, the feeling of lack of fluffy, closer to the texture of wool. The advantage of this is that the ball would be better, but after several times of washing will be raised

The dehydration does not matter because the clothing is still relative to the wall of the barrel, and the rotation only increases the acceleration of the clothes that makes the liquid leave the clothes.

Cashmere wool fabric quality in general on the number to calculate (that is, fiber fineness, the finer the more expensive the better), many people think that the winter wear wool coat is very uncomfortable, because it is a heavy woolen coat, because you buy is the worst wool, didn't count at all, are all like felt like the chaos in pressure together, of course it will.

The worsted sheep's (velvet) coat is not heavy at all, and it is thin and warm. For more information about cashmere and cashmere yarn, please pay attention to the anti treasure official website:

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