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Mercerized wool is the process of cashmere wool dyeing and finishing in the process of dyeing and finishing of cashmere products

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Mercerized wool is the process of cashmere wool dyeing and finishing in the process of dyeing and finishing of cashmere products

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The difference between cashmere knitting yarn and cashmere knitting yarn:

Cashmere knitting yarn is mainly used for knitting, including woolen yarn, worsted yarn and semi worsted yarn. Knitting for 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles and 16 needles. Cashmere knitting line is mainly used for hand knitted woolen yarn, mainly, have spun yarn and semi worsted yarn strands plied into different production equipment and technology and cashmere knitting yarn.

Mercerized wool cashmere manufacturers in China and other countries in the world have different concept, our country will be stripped of flake wool called mercerized wool, and internationally, sheep wool in hot steam in the steam penetration, and stretched 30% to 50%, and then fixed with cold water after cooling, elongated attenuated sheep wool called mercerized wool.

Mercerized wool is the mercerizing process of wool through dyeing and finishing of textiles, and the treatment of wool products.

Cashmere yarn according to the proportion of raw materials can be divided into: 100% cashmere yarns and cashmere blended yarn. The raw materials are blended with cashmere silk, cotton, wool and the new development of the milk protein fiber and soybean fiber. According to the market demand, there will be more varieties to join.

Cashmere is a special product of our country. There are three kinds of cashmere, cashmere and cashmere. Rich in China's Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and other provinces. Its output accounts for about 50% of the world's total output.

Wool clothing pest control method

(1) before collection, first decontamination, dust, and then placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, conditional best ironing, in order to prevent borers breeding, reproduction, to achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization.

(2) all kinds of woolen garments should be stored in the wardrobe with a coat hanger, no suspension conditions, use the cloth on the upper trunk. When storing, try to turn the opposite direction outwards. There are two advantages to this: first, it can prevent weathering and fading; two, it is more beneficial to damp proof and moth eaten.

(3) if the pure wool acid alkali, easily destroyed by insects, and camphor and naphthalene are effective insect repellents. Put mothballs or health ball with a cloth, or hanging around on the wardrobe in the cabinet, so that insects generally does not occur.

(4) the woolen clothes should be stored in the ventilated place, and the clothes should be dried several times in time according to the season change and the storage time. Long term sealing and no ventilation is the main cause of moth eaten.

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