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Does cashmere pilling mean bad quality?

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Does cashmere pilling mean bad quality?

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cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweater manufacturers use hollow design in sweaters so that sweaters don't look heavy. No matter what style they choose, it's very sexy to fit into red.

Splicing techniques make sweaters a bit more smart, milk white and brown together very personalized and convenient collocation, the chest for echo mosaic color and let the body does not seem monotonous.

White patterns like totem around the body, the United States and Europe at the same time, the design of the round neck also let Japan and Korea fans MM people fondle admiringly.

Colorful diamond ornament is not flashy, but absolutely fashionable. It looks more and more innovative than ordinary sequins. It takes the sweater as a foil to make the original colorful diamond gorgeous.

The hair ball is a long hair on the wool coat, which is formed by long-term friction. Under normal circumstances, when you see the ball, you will think the sweater quality is not good, in fact, it is a symbol of the quality of sweaters. Soft, good quality clothing easy pilling, that is to say, good quality wool coat easy pilling. The gross hairs seen by the naked eye can be cut with scissors. Don't force wool balls out of your wool coats. It's easy to damage the wool.

How to keep cashmere sweater

Cashmere is very susceptible to moth eaten because it is a natural fiber. In order to prevent this, the dried cashmere products should be sealed with a clean plastic bag and added with camphor after airing. At the same time around the wardrobe into mildew, moth prevention tablets, so as to avoid cashmere products damp mildew fungus. But avoid direct contact with the cashmere sweaters mothproofer.

Storage of cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater and mothproofer avoid direct contact.

When storing cashmere sweater, pay attention to shading and keep ventilation.

How this sweater:

The wool sweater shorten hard, can use clean white cloth wrapped it up and put into the steamer steam inside ten minutes, after taking out slightly shake, the fiber fluff, and then carefully pull it into shape and size of the original flat on the back plate or screen, hanging in the air of the place of Yin dry, dry can be recovered.

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