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Cashmere quality standards of cashmere plants in China are divided into 5 grades

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Cashmere quality standards of cashmere plants in China are divided into 5 grades

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Cashmere is a rare special animal fiber (different from sheep wool). It is a precious textile raw material. It is called "fibrous diamond" and "soft gold" abroad". Because of the Asian Kashmir was distributed to the output of cashmere, Europe in history, so the international custom called cashmere "Kashmir Cashmere)"; Chinese by its homonym for "cashmere".

Since 2007, China Environmental Protection Century trip has been carried out in our city for 6 years. "To protect the water environment, the frontier Lake City Beauty", "cover the atmospheric environment, sharing blue sky", "protect the rural environment, the construction of ecological homeland"...... 6 years, one year a theme throughout, action once a year from spring to winter, the NPC Law enforcement inspection, media reporters interviewed, large picture exhibition, entertainment, tour award and a series of very fruitful activities, the social impact of China Environmental Protection Century - Ning Xia capital action is becoming more and more widely, has become a city, will become the brand, played a huge role in the creation of national environmental protection model will and construction of "best" will be in the process of music in our city.

Cashmere is a kind of cashmere which is combed out from goats. The quality of cashmere produced by cashmere goats is the best. Every spring is the time when goats get rid of hair. They are made of cashmere from the goat's body by special iron comb, which is called cashmere. The washed cashmere is combed and removed to remove the coarse wool in the raw wool, and the cashmere obtained from the dead wool and dander is called plush. Cashmere has three colors, white, blue and purple, among which White Velvet is the most precious. The quality standard of our country cashmere producer plush is divided into 5 grades, according to the rough and impurity rate and length index grading, grading standards of cashmere and purple cashmere is different.

More than 95% of pure cashmere fabric, its normal quotation, in terms of clothing, 2 yuan / gram is a reasonable offer. Of course, senior brands also have their brand value, and what I'm talking about is just product pricing, no brand value added. Recognizing this, buyers can be less deceived. What I'm trying to say here is that cashmere and cashmere are bad words. Its offer and value vary widely. See clearly, buy again. Don't let others fool you.

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