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Cashmere products have the features of full handle, good warmth retention and comfortable wearing

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Cashmere products have the features of full handle, good warmth retention and comfortable wearing

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Cashmere manufacturers exhibitors and buyers from the past that fair reaction, usually cashmere and other valuable materials, such as silk, top Merino wool blend, made clothing and sweaters. In addition, the fiber material expensive production from the bitter cold, like in the South American Andes of Peru on the cold climate and Puno, Mongolia and the foot of similar one hundred thousand meter here kept hundreds of Alpaca goat cashmere processing industry prosperity.


Cashmere fiber is one of the earliest natural fibers used in textiles. The main raw material of wool is wool fiber. Wool fiber is soft and elastic, can be used for the production of wool, wool, blanket, felt and other living and industrial textiles. Cashmere products have the characteristics of full handle, good warmth retention, comfortable wear, and so on, so it is known as the most intimate quilt.

The wool fiber has good crimp characteristics, so the thermal insulation of wool is unquestionable. And the wool has good drape, so good closeness. As the name suggests, wool woven with wool fiber has many advantages:

The increase of the depth of sleep: according to authority experiment, cashmere bedding can make people sleep time increased by more than 25%, to maintain stable and slow heart rate close to the skin is very good.

There are two reasons, one is the scarcity of cashmere, the other is the complexity of cashmere weaving process. Specifically, the plateau alpine region to grow cashmere goat, only a few countries and regions Arbas Cashmere, cashmere best.

Cashmere production is very rare, accounting for only 0.2% of the total world animal fiber, therefore, cashmere is a very precious animal fiber, is considered the "diamond fiber", "fiber Queen", in grams in the transaction price, also known as "soft gold".

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