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Cashmere sweater factory tutor you true piercing eye

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Cashmere sweater factory tutor you true piercing eye

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cashmere sweater

The wool sweater is the spring and autumn and winter clothing welcomed by consumers, but a lot of fake shoddy goods, some in the wool blended with acrylic, polypropylene fiber and chemical fiber, some chemical fiber fabric as wool. How to distinguish counterfeit products has always been a serious problem plaguing everyone, then how to distinguish between true and false in winter sweater sweaters? Here is a small book to teach you a few tricks to identify sweaters true and false tips.

Cashmere sweater pilling cashmere coat manufacturers this is not reliable! Cashmere wool beneath a thin layer of velvet, very precious, the price is five or six times of wool, fine cashmere fabrics need to be imported from abroad. In foreign countries, cashmere coats are luxury brands will do, a MaxMara10% cashmere coat to sell more than 8000 yuan. In the domestic market, a cashmere coat containing 8%~10% should be sold for more than 3000 yuan.

Cashmere sweater manufacturer

cashmere sweater

According to the material classification of wool sweater (different: wool as raw material), cashmere sweater (with cashmere sweater as raw material) and lamb (in juvenile lamb wool as raw material), Angora sweater, yak cashmere sweater, sweater (Angela Ma Hai mountain wool as raw material), alpaca sweater, chemical fiber sweater, animal hair and chemical fiber blended sweater.

First of all, you have to distinguish between cashmere and wool, 2 things. Cashmere (Cashmere) is a thin layer of fine wool growing on the outer surface of goat and covering the root of goat's coarse hair. Cashmere and sheep wool prices vary a lot, pure cashmere cashmere is about 1000 yuan per kilogram, sheep wool is also hundreds.

If cashmere and sheep have little experience to sink. But you can see, the surface is a layer of hair, look toward the light source is very bright, you can also get some light, look after burning is crushed into powder, rather than chemical products similar to the kind of hard things, because the wool is similar with the hair, similar to the taste of burning hair and can test the residues.

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