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Cashmere goat is reputed as precious clothing material by cashmere company

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Cashmere goat is reputed as precious clothing material by cashmere company

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Plush soft, warm and strong, good elasticity, suitable for winter coat collar and cap, gloves etc.. In recent years, plush has developed into long fur skins, industrial velvet, furniture velvet, toy velvet and so on. The color is also increased, including plain Flower Clip, the flower herringbone plush etc..

The word "Cashmere", is the name of English goat fluff "Cashmere" transliteration of the name. Generally speaking, sheep can be divided into two categories: goat and sheep, so wool also contains goat wool and sheep wool. Wool is mostly wool in wool spinning industry.

Mountain wool can be divided into two kinds of bristles and villi. The bristles are rough and hard, and are not suitable for spinning. They are mainly used for pens, brushes and so on. The villi are the fine hairs growing in winter to protect the body temperature.

Since the sweater to coat and fashion, advanced and variety series, art, decoration, color, style, sweater, weave raw materials more diverse, rich and colorful, yarn can be woven into a variety of fashion, dress, coat, jacket, vest, skirt, dress and so on. In the clothing art display extremely magnificent colors.

Because the cashmere fiber is thinner than the fine wool, which is very soft and smooth, full of elasticity, excellent insulation, according to the experiment, twice as high than cotton fabric; the fiber surface layer scales are more content with beautiful natural luster.

Cashmere fabrics such as "Cashmere" overcoats, cashmere sweaters and scarves, has the characteristics of light, soft, warm, smooth, elegant appearance, very attractive. Therefore, cashmere cashmere company is known as the precious material of clothing materials.

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