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Shape design of woolen sweater for cashmere sweater manufacturer

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Shape design of woolen sweater for cashmere sweater manufacturer

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The sweater design of men's sweater can be made by body fitted, semi fitted and straight cylinder type. For the design of paste type, it is necessary to use the strong and powerful body lines. Sweater straight cylinder type design, to show clear, generous features. The design requirement of semi stick is between the former two. However, no matter what kind of body design, must pay attention to shoulder, chest, buttocks and so on the proportion and line shape. Special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the sweater in setting off men's shoulders, breasts wider and buttocks smaller. The shoulders can be properly fitted or slightly exaggerated, and even some patterns can be adorned with shoulder loops. The exaggeration and decoration techniques, often to reflect the male physique and enhance the burly, heroic men and manners.

Cashmere suits are made from cashmere, rather than made of cashmere. So, once the dust is hard to get rid of, you can't brush it. Pure wool fabric is different from chemical fiber fabric, and it is difficult to get static electricity. But it's easy to get dirt as long as you cross it. You'd better get rid of it as soon as possible. There's a special roller for sweaters on the market. It's very good to get rid of this dust.

How to keep cashmere sweater

Through the cashmere products due to seasonal storage needs, must be washed, ironed, dried and then save. This can reduce the conditions and scope of fungal moth activity, and can be insecticidal and sterilized.

When the cashmere products are stored, they are stacked and packed. Not hanging, so as to avoid deformation and avoid the drape, and other items mixed with bags, to prevent fading.

Cashmere products contain a lot of natural protein, should pay attention to shading. Should be ventilated, cool, beat dust, wet, and can not be exposed.

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