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Introduction of cashmere sweater storage methods for cashmere sweater manufacturers

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Introduction of cashmere sweater storage methods for cashmere sweater manufacturers

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The wool can easily be moth, easy deformation and light, so to remind you of the cashmere sweater factory must be dry cleaned,folded flat bag, avoid hanging, avoid drape deformation and other types of products; not mixed with bags; put in dark, dry and ventilated place, storage note moth, is strictly prohibited mothproofer and sweaters in direct contact.

Ma Haimao is a high grade raw material for wool, mainly used for plush, fur coat, jacquard blanket and other glossy wool fabric and knitting wool. Coarse needle hand woven mohair sweater, decorated with soft silky mist like fiber, constitute a noble, lively and bold style, loved by the people.

Some people call fluffy bulky acrylic yarn "quot; Ma Haimao" for sale, resulting in misunderstanding, such acrylic bulky yarn, at best can only be called "imitation Ma Haimao"". In Turkey, Angola, it is also found in North America and South africa. The central mountain wool produced in Northwest China is also Ma Haimao.

Cashmere sweater shorten hard, can use clean white cloth wrapped it up and put into the steamer steam inside ten minutes, after taking out slightly shake, the fiber fluff, and then carefully pull it into shape and size of the original flat on the back plate or screen, hanging in the air of the place of Yin dry, dry can be recovered.

The wool or wool fabric, wash the number will gradually lose their original luster, if rinse with water several times, and then add a few drops of vinegar in the water to float a drift, the neutralization, wool and wool fabrics will restore the original luster. Special maintenance of lightweight wool fabric, fabric such as cool wool, although easy to wrinkle, but you can use a damp cloth or a steam iron ironing.

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