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You can knit cashmere cashmere yarn manufacturers in the best material

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You can knit cashmere cashmere yarn manufacturers in the best material

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Cashmere yarn, cashmere sweater factory called material need, it is very light, but very warm, very terrible winter Eskimo is no match for it. Cashmere is thin and gentle, and has an excellent gloss.

Silk (Silk) is produced in silkworm chrysalis. Its luster is beautiful and gentle. Is the use of spun silk or rayon fiber and blended. The elasticity is good and strong, and it has excellent visual effect and warmth retention after mixing with wool and cashmere. With the improvement of living standards, people demand more on clothing light soft, elastic, extensibility and good drapability, permeability, and novel style, brightly colored clothing.

Because these requirements are the advantages of sweater clothing, so sweater clothing in the field of clothing occupies an increasingly important position.

Polyester surface smooth, flat, wrinkle resistance and shape preservation is particularly good, hand pinch is not easy to wrinkle.

Nylon surface smooth and shiny, feel like silk.

Acrylic - light, fluffy and soft, curly, woolly, rebound resilience is slightly worse than wool.

The fabric is softer than cotton and less soft than cotton. The identification method can be roughly distinguish speech fabric, but there are certain limitations, for blended fabrics, sometimes difficult to make accurate identification, but sensory identification method is simple and feasible, and can be in does not damage clothing conditions, suitable for general everyday use.

Water soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber; in 1939, Japan's Sakurada Ichiro, the water soluble fiber treated with formaldehyde, polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde carboxymethyl fiber had resistance to hot water, and in 1950 by the Coca Cola company and Li unitika companies realize industrialized production, commodity called Vigny Lun [1 ~ 3]. Polyvinyl alcohol fiber is considered as a kind of synthetic fiber cotton with similar condition, the fiber strength, wear resistance, good moisture absorption, corrosion resistance, light resistance, especially the PVA fiber with high strength and high modulus as the rapid development of industrial raw materials, and its increasingly wide range of applications.

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