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Naibao cashmere yarn manufacturers use drawingframe instead of gilling

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Naibao cashmere yarn manufacturers use drawingframe instead of gilling

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Cashmere yarn factory cashmere characteristics:

A. fine, soft and warm, cashmere is a kind of animal fiber in the finest cashmere fineness, generally between 13 um-15.5 um, a natural curl, closely arranged in spinning and weaving, cohesion, so warm and good, wool 1.5 - 2 times. Cashmere fiber surface is small and smooth, there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light weight, feel waxy.

The color of B. is natural and soft. Cashmere fiber has uniform fineness, small density, cross section is regular round, moisture absorption is strong, can fully absorb dyes, not easy to fade. Therefore, compared with other fibers, it is easy to identify the natural, soft, pure, gorgeous advantages of cashmere luster.

C. flexible, cashmere fiber because of its crimp number, crimp rate, crimp recovery rate is relatively large, suitable for processing is comfortable, soft, elastic knitwear, wearing comfortable nature, and has good redox properties, especially after washing does not shrink, the type of good.

Polypropylene fiber (light weight): the lightest fiber. It has almost no moisture absorption, but has good wicking ability, high strength, stable fabric size, good abrasion resistance and good chemical stability. But it has poor thermal stability, is not resistant to sunlight, and is easy to aging and brittle. Purpose: socks, mosquito net cloth, quilt wadding, warm, wet diapers and other fillers. Industry: carpet, nets, canvas, hose, medical tape instead of cotton gauze, health supplies.

Naibao cashmere yarn manufacturers to adopt drawingframe instead of carding machine, explore a set of good semi worsted yarn technology: raw materials ~ ~ and hair dyeing cashmere carding oil (A186H carding machine) drawing four ~ (FA306A) (FA458A) a roving spinning (319 ~ Qingze ~ (steamed transformation) a yarn winding line ~) a double twist shaped.

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