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What kind of cashmere yarns do you have?

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What kind of cashmere yarns do you have?

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There are many kinds of yarns with different properties. It can be made of natural fibers or various chemical staple fibers, pure yarn, or blended yarn made of several fibers, and also can be made from chemical fibers. Usually, the yarn can be classified according to the raw material, yarn thickness, spinning method, spinning system, yarn structure and yarn usage.

Cashmere yarn manufacturers are divided according to yarn material:

1. pure spinning pure yarn is composed of a fiber spun yarn, such as yarn, wool yarn, linen and silk spinning yarn. These yarns are suitable for making pure fabrics.

2.2. blended yarn is made of two or more than two kinds of fiber, such as polyester and cotton blended yarn, wool and viscose blended yarn and so on. Fabric of such yarn used to highlight the advantages of two fibers.

Cashmere yarn manufacturers are divided according to yarn thickness:

1. coarse yarn: coarse yarn refers to the yarn of 32 and over (18 inch and less English). Such yarn is suitable for thick fabric, such as tweed cloth, etc..

2. medium yarn: medium yarn refers to 21~32 (English, 19~28, British branch) yarn.  Such yarn is suitable for medium and thick fabrics, such as cloth, khaki Hua Dane, etc..

3. fine tex: Fine Tex refers to the yarn of 11~20 (English, 29~54, British). Such yarn is suitable for thin fabrics, such as cloth, poplin, etc..

4. extra fine yarn: ultra fine yarn refers to yarn of 10 and below (58 inch and above).  This kind of yarn is suitable for high grade fine fabrics, such as high count shirts, worsted sweaters and so on.

5. according to spinning system:

6.1. worsted yarn spun yarn of combed yarn is also known, by means of combing yarn, including yarn combed and combed yarn. Parallel straight fiber yarn evenness, high degree of finish, but the cost is higher, the higher the yarn. Combed yarn is mainly used for advanced fabrics and knitwear of raw materials, such as finespun, Hua Dane, tweed and woolen sweater etc..

7.2. also known as coarse woolen yarn spinning woolen yarn or carded cotton yarn, refers to the comb spinning system as a general, not through combing yarn. Spinning more in the short fiber content, fiber parallel straightness, loose structure, hairy, count low, poor quality. Many such yarns and knitted fabrics for general materials, such as woolen fabrics, cotton fabrics, more specific.

3. waste spinning waste spinning refers to the use of textile waste (waste cotton) or mixed with low-grade raw materials spinning yarn. The poor quality of yarn, soft, unevenness, impurity, poor color and fabric to fabric generally only coarse cotton blanket, terry cloth and packaging base.

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